If you’re here, chances are you are in need of waterproofing your gear because you’re headed back out on the water soon…And if you’re headed back out on the water soon – whatever your water sport of choice (even if it’s just chilling on the lake) – it’s safe to say you probably have an affinity with the outdoors, nature and getting wet.

No longer just an elite sport, sailing is – now more than ever – a fun and accessible way to spend your time. There are a multitude of options at your fingertips these days – inexpensive too – that make sailing a timeless experience. Whilst ocean sailing is a dream for many, river sailing is probably a more accessible and affordable way to wind up the veins of the land.

Whether you’re cruising a Cornish river in England, or sailing a more exotic destination like China’s Yangtze, India’s Ganges or America’s Mississippi, you will find sailing rivers provides some of the best leisure sailing around. Many river’s have marinas, boat builder’s yards, sailing schools & clubs, waterside hamlets and ancient fishing villages to view from the water.

Alternatively, you can switch it up and sail on the open water. There are fun, simple and accessible boats for such sailing to give you a sleek and streamlined experience. Discover or rediscover the joy of sailing with a sail on calm, un-crowded waters – ideally with conditions of light winds and low traffic. Small sail boats don’t have to cost a fortune, either; for example the Outsider™ is a small sail boat designed for lakes and rivers (built in North America) and comes water-ready for under $6000.

If you’re learning how to sail, choose a small boat which is far easier with fewer lines and sails. Even a small dinghy which is more responsive and easier to manoeuvre, is perfect for practising and test-capsizing in. Capsizing on purpose is one of the best things you can do as a beginner sailor. But it’s best you buddy-up with someone or do it as a group and practice in a controlled environment, as opposed to an uncontrolled one. Additionally, beginning in a one-sail boat will make learning the sailing basics easier and less complicated.

White Sail Boat Near Island during Golden Hour

Sailing safety is a given, and there are no exceptions! No matter what your level of expertise, basic safety rules should be followed at all times without question. These include ALWAYS notifying someone before you go out on the water, ALWAYS bringing a floatation device and flares, and knowing in advance how to SWIM.

The best sailors are those who are able to adjust sail settings to take the best advantage of different winds and water conditions. Watch tide and wind conditions prior to sailing, check weather forecasts and heed warnings. Preparing in advance for whatever the weather may bring will ensure you have a better sailing experience than if you go out thinking it won’t happen to you. Take adequate provisions, clothing and basic weather gear as needed. Basically, always being prepared. No ifs, and’s, or buts.

Take waterproof dry bags and keep your phone in a waterproof case (found here and here).



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